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About Us

We are veterans or veterans friendly group of business people who want to provide helpful resources to those in the veterans community whereby the whole network can benefit from the exciting opportunities that are available.  The resources on this site were compiled to make it easier for veterans and veterans friendly businesses to conduct business.  One of the exciting things that we have to offer is practical information various how-to resources that make it easy for veterans to get the help they want without having to sift through hundreds of pages or website to get an answer.  These resources includes education, lending, travel, business, consumer electronics, etc.  Our greatest aim is to serve those who have served.  We recognize the responsibility to honor those to whom honor is due.

We understand that a lot of our resources are based in New Mexico, but rest assured as we grow we will provide resources from other states as they become available.  Please send us anything that you think might be helpful to our veterans.  We are happy to review them and post them to the site.  Thank you.

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